Wind Park Control

Complete Control From Turbine to Park

With renewable energy use around the world increasing daily it’s no wonder the demand on Wind Turbines and the Wind Parks they reside within have also grown. Mita-Teknik/ICR an offers open, reliable, flexible and intelligent Wind Park Control Solution for retrofitted turbines. The solutions consists of field-proven hardware, developed for harsh on- and offshore environments. Furthermore, multiple software packages are available with location optimization built-in with interconnected units back by an Ethernet network running the reliable M-Link protocol.

Park Control Features

  • Park/Cluster Controller
  • Grid/Weather Monitor
  • Individual Wind Park Component Control Software
  • Installation/Commissioning Services
  • Integration/Training Services

How does Mita-Teknik ICR Wind Park Control Work?

The Mita-Teknik/ICR Park Control system dispatches the active and reactive power set points throughout the wind park from signals sent by the Transmission System Operator. The TSO signals head directly to the wind turbine unit or via cluster controller if customers operate larger wind parks. We also use a grid monitor for accurately measuring precise control and monitoring. Grid Monitoring is an integral component and standard operating principle for our solution. A weather monitor is an optional installation to supple the system with meteorological data as well.