Vestas Turbine Retrofits

Renewing Vestas Turbine Life

Through a partnership with Vestas, Mita-Teknik developed retrofit solutions for their older wind turbines. Mita-Tekink utilized the latest state-of-the-art software and hardware innovates to create a system designed for life cycle extension for Vestas Turbines. Another benefit of retrofitting older Vestas turbines is a quick return on investment with a low initial payout, operational costs lowered over time and overall maximum performance.

Vestas Turbine Retrofits

  • Vestas V25 200/60 kW
  • Vestas V27 225 kW
  • Vestas V39 500 kW
  • Vestas V42 600 kW
  • Vestas V44 600 kW

Turbine Retrofit Benefits

Increased AEP

Uprate to 710 kW and increase stop wind to 28 m/s using Vestas PowerPlusTM technology.

Dedicated Products

Gain access to new and field-proven control technology running advanced control algorithms and combining it with intelligent SCADA solutions..

Easy Installation

VMP3500 plug compatible and only 1 day of expected turbine downtime for installation.

Lifetime Extension

Easy to upgrade, access to spare parts, reduced O&M, increased AEP and business case certainty.

Full Data Access

Full access to all operational data using modern communication standards and formats.

Improved O&M Efficiency

Remote and local service with intuitive service tools and preventive maintenance functions. Mita-Teknik guarantees their parts for up to five years of service.

Higher Availability

Preventive maintenance functions and operational temperature range

Remote Control

Operate Turbine remotely and control its power through a wireless internet connection.