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Reliable and Proven MiScout

MiScout SCADA from Mita-Teknik/ICR works as an open, proven, reliable and cost effective solution designed to meet the rising demands in the wind industry. With an higher emphasis on data-security, our SCADA solution provides the analysis, predictive maintenance, forecasting and overall cost optimization for efficient operation. Mita-Teknik/ICR offers this solution in three different packages including Cloud, Professional or Enterprise. Each package caters to operations of different types, from a single small wind turbine to a large scale wind farm.

SCADA Solution Packages

Condition Monitoring Integration

MiScout SCADA acts as an integrated part of the wind turbine’s Condition Monitoring System, and assist the user oversee the health of the unit 24/7. This allows users to monitor production, availability, alarms, weather conditions and more, and react instantly to alarms and shifts in weather conditions – ensuring increased availability, reduced OPEX and ultimately, higher profits.

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