Mitsubishi MDS-D (H) Test Stand

Mitsubishi Servo Repairs and Testing

Mitsubishi MDS Series Drives and HF Series Motors Restored

CNC Machines within applications that cut, grind, mill, drill and other types of complex machining rely on Mitsubishi motors and drives. These sophisticated industrial parts require proper testing to ensure that each repaired unit can handle the rigorous conditions they operate within. ICR understands that demands servo and spindle motors, and drives undergo within a manufacturing setting. We strive to return repaired units to customers that resemble like-new or refurbished parts. Our main goal is to extend the life-cycle of industrial parts or provide a new custom solution.
Mitsubishi Milling CNC Machine

Mitsubishi Motor Repairs Backed By Dynamometer Testing

Motors repaired at ICR Services, whether servo or spindle, begin with a thorough cleaning. It’s important to begin each repair with a clean unit free of any contaminants that could cause more issues down the road. Then we replace connectors within each motor. Spindle motors undergo a rewind next, while technicians synchronize the encoder to any servo motors. Finally servo and spindle motors receive a full rebuild on all mechanical defects, including bearings, shafts, seals, windings and any other issues.
Dynamometer Testing

Tested and Repaired Mitsubishi Drives

Our repair process for drives and power supplies begins with replacement of any fans within each unit. Then technicians replace aged capciators identified during an analysis. Next we work on restoring any defective power components like trasnsistor modules, recitfiers, and pre-drivers. Finally, we certify our repairs with a system test of communications IC’s and connectors with our Mitsubishi MDS-D Test Stand.
Mitsubishi MDS-D (H) Test Stand

Mitsubishi MDS CNC Family of Drives

Mitsubishi MDS-D Servo Drive

Mitsubishi MDS-D Servo Drive Unit

Mitsubishi MDS-DH Servo Drive

Mitsubishi MDS-DH Servo Drive Unit

Mitsubishi MDS-D-SP Spindle Drive

Mitsubishi MDS-D-SP Spindle Drive Unit

Mitsubishi MDS-DH-SP Spindle Drive

Mitsubishi MDS-DH-SP Spindle Drive Unit

Mitsubishi HF Series AC Servo Motors

Mitsubishi HF AC Servo Motor

Mitsubishi HF-H54K AC Servo Motor

Mitsubishi HF-H AC Servo Motor

Mitsubishi HF703S AC Servo Motor

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motors

Mitsubishi SJ AC Spindle Motor

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motor Drive

Mitsubishi SJ-4 AC Spindle Motor

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motor Drive

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