Mitsubishi Servo Repairs and Testing

Mitsubishi MDS Series Drives and HF Series Motors Restored CNC Machines within applications that cut, grind, mill, drill and other types of complex machining rely on Mitsubishi motors and drives. These sophisticated industrial parts require proper testing to ensure that each repaired unit can handle the rigorous conditions they operate within. ICR understands that demands…Read more

Repairing Fanuc equipment, components and parts

Fanuc is the owner of the indistinguishable color among industrial robots. The company’s name is an acronym for Factory Automation and Numerical Control. The company is the largest manufacturer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, which are produced from Fanuc’s 22 country operation and reportedly have a 65% market share. Spanning across various industrial applications,…Read more

What is a dynamometer?

Think back to your childhood. Did you ride a bike? If you did and rode after dinner, then you may have had a light on your bike. If your bike had a light, then it may have had a dynamo. A dynamo on a bike will come with one slight downside as the pedals are harder…Read more

How a AC servo motor differs from a DC servo motor

The main difference between an AC servo motor and a DC servo motor comes down to how electricity works. DC or direct current has both a positive and a negative terminal, with the current flowing in the same direction between each terminal. AC or alternating electric current operates in reverse, where the current alternates 50 or…Read more

Servo Motors vs DC Motors

The determination Since the early 1960’s Brushless DC motors have grown in popularity due to the increased efficiency and a much lower susceptibility to wear and tear. Spindle drives, industrial pumps, and fans utilize the Brushless DC Motors the most as they work quite well in an automated setting. As factories transition towards full automation the…Read more