Mitsubishi Servo Repairs and Testing

Mitsubishi MDS Series Drives and HF Series Motors Restored CNC Machines within applications that cut, grind, mill, drill and other types of complex machining rely on Mitsubishi motors and drives. These sophisticated industrial parts require proper testing to ensure that each repaired unit can handle the rigorous conditions they operate within. ICR understands that demands…Read more

ICR repairs Siemens Servo Motors

How ICR Repairs and Tests Siemens Servo Motors ICR’s repair process begins with a complete unit cleaning by a technician. Preventive maintenance is performed to update all optoisolators and capacitors on each unit. Then the unit will be tested with flywheel motors. An example of this can be seen here, as ICR’s engineering team built…Read more

New Servo Drives hit the market

Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley line announces new servo drives Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley line announced a new servo drive with a capability of achieving twin-axis functionality. They also completed a goal of reducing cabinet space requirements by up to 70%. The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 series servo drive aids machine-builders with reducing wiring requirements of up to…Read more

Repairing Fanuc equipment, components and parts

Fanuc is the owner of the indistinguishable color among industrial robots. The company’s name is an acronym for Factory Automation and Numerical Control. The company is the largest manufacturer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, which are produced from Fanuc’s 22 country operation and reportedly have a 65% market share. Spanning across various industrial applications,…Read more

What is a dynamometer?

Think back to your childhood. Did you ride a bike? If you did and rode after dinner, then you may have had a light on your bike. If your bike had a light, then it may have had a dynamo. A dynamo on a bike will come with one slight downside as the pedals are harder…Read more

Connecting Industrial Automation

The internet of things, industrial automation and Ethernet connections The Internet of Things. Have you heard the phrase before? Add the word Industrial and the buzzword has entered the lexicon of those within the industrial automation industry. defines it as: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people…Read more