Motoman Legacy XRC Series Robots

Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Parts Tested with XRC Series Robots Yaskawa robotic parts repaired by ICR undergo an extensive repair process and verification testing to ensure reliability and longevity during operation. The process involves a thorough cleaning of all potential contaminents and replacement of any aged or defective components under our internal PM directives. Our repair…Read more

Motoman’s DX100 Controller Test Capabilities

ICR repairs Motoman and Yasakwa Parts ICR utilizes the Motoman DX100 controller test fixture paired with both the Motoman MS80 and S200D full-size robots to test repaired components and parts utilized within the manufacturing process. We also possess the knowledge and expertise to use these controllers and robots within any desired robotic integration projects. View…Read more

New records set in 2015

RIA reports new records set in 2015 for North American Robotic market After setting new marks for the first half of 2015, the successful year of industrial North American robotic sales closed the year setting a new yearly record for North America. North American companies set the record ordering 31,464 robots valued at $1.8 billion….Read more

Fanuc’s robots keep breaking records

First they developed the largest robot, now Fanuc is breaking records again! We’ve covered FANUC Robotics on this blog in the past and described how they are one of the leading robotic manufacturers globally. The company has built a recognizable brand, most synonymous with automotive producers and stars within most automotive advertising spots littered throughout…Read more

Robotic integration provides value

Why integrating industrial robots into your facility offers value Integrating industrial robots within manufacturing facilities across all industries took root in the 1960’s at a General Motors assembly line in New Jersey. UNIMATE became the first industrial robot and performed spot welding and also extracted die castings at the GM plant. These types of robots come…Read more