Yamaha YK400X SCARA Robot Repair

ICR’s Robotic Technicians Repair Yamaha Robotics Replaced by the current generation Yamaha YK400XR, the legacy YK400X SCARA robot can still be found within more complex manufacturing facilities. Intelligent, nimble and able to handle advanced programming, Yamaha SCARA Robots play a pivotal role within any applications involving assembly, part transfer, or even the sealing of small…Read more

Stäubli and Adept products refurbished by ICR Services

ICR repairs Stäubli and Adept robotic parts ICR supports Stäubli and Adept robotic parts with our robotic repair technicians repair capabilities. Every repaired part undergoes thorough testing with specialized equipment for utilizing both the TX60 and RX60 CR robotic models. The TX60 robot paired with a CS8C robot controller serve as the foundation for the…Read more

Fanuc’s S-430iW Robot

Fanuc S-430iW Robot Test System featuring the RJ3 Controller ICR recommends and sells the S-430iW paired with the Fanuc R-J3 controller. As a third generation controller, the R-J3 is a reliable piece of equipment that features an open architecture system. System integration becomes simplified from this end, which allows for improved performance and handling. ICR technicians…Read more