Repairing ABB’s 3HNE00313-1 Teach Pendant

ICR Services’ repair process for Teach Pendants begins with disassembly. This procedure involves a thorough evaluation period we refer to as the repair analysis. During this analysis, technicians inspect for physical damage and missing components. If ICR professionals detect missing or damaged parts during disassembly, such as the ABB keyboard overlay or the joystick of…Read more

Fanuc’s A05B-2301-C370 Teach Pendant

Fanuc’s A05B-2301-C370 teach pendant pairs well with an RJ3ib controller and can serve a variety of applications within industrial automation. The main applications this particular teach pendant would reside typically involves any form of assembly, auto-body plants and other forms of manufacturing settings. In addition to Fanuc teach pendants, ICR possess the know-how to repair…Read more

Yamaha YK400X SCARA Robot Repair

ICR’s Robotic Technicians Repair Yamaha Robotics Replaced by the current generation Yamaha YK400XR, the legacy YK400X SCARA robot can still be found within more complex manufacturing facilities. Intelligent, nimble and able to handle advanced programming, Yamaha SCARA Robots play a pivotal role within any applications involving assembly, part transfer, or even the sealing of small…Read more